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What sets a Local Maker Member apart is their adaptation of our core value: Better Together. Members support one another through actions such as encouragement to lending a hand at markets. A Local Maker that participates in a Local Maker Market or retail location does their part to promote their presence and that of the group, extending the overall reach that much further. There is POWER in numbers. 


The Local Maker staff curates and organizes the multiple opportunities offered to our members. You have a team who speaks on your behalf and acts as your guide.

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  • Pre-approval for LM run Markets

  • Eligibility for LM Retail

  • Private Vendor Only Facebook Group

  • Free Small Business Workshops

  • Link to your Business on our Website

  • A Community of like minded people to take this journey with you!


We are currently looking for creators who are innovative, have a modern look (with a nod to the past), are on-trend and have an eye for what our guests are looking for. Candidates must reside within the Puget Sound area to keep our group local. If you are located outside that boundary, we recommend reaching out to Makers and markets within your home town.


Do you have questions about membership, markets, or workshops? Reach out to the Local Makers team.

I was honored to be accepted into the Local Makers group. It has opened up so many opportunities for my small business such as the sponsored markets and chances to network with other local businesses. I cannot forget to mention all of the new found friendships with the other local makers in our group. Everyone is so supportive, we truly are better together!

Michelle, Flywright Cards & Paper Creations

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